Club Rules



General Rules

a) The name of the club is The Clairlea Westview Soccer Club (CWSC).

b) The Clairlea Westview Soccer Club was founded in 1968, by Clairlea Presbyterian Church in response to the needs of the surrounding community.

c) The aim of the club is :

d) The sponsoring body of the CWSC is comprised of the community churches, of all denominations, from East York and Scarborough, who have stated in writing that they wish to assist in running the CWSC.

The sponsoring churches are : All Hallows/ St.Columba, and St.Bede's Anglican,Clairlea Park, Westminster and Westview Presbyterian, and Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic.

e) The CWSC is affiliated with the Scarborough Soccer Association.


The Clairlea Westview Soccer Club (CWSC) will have two divisions, Representative and Recreational.

The Representative division will be comprised of teams in age groups as nominated by the club executive, and will play within the Scarborough Soccer League or any other league approved by the Club Executive.

The Recreational division will be made up of two leagues, the Mini Soccer League and the House League.

The Mini Soccer League will serve the "Tyke" and "Squirt" age groups (U5 years of age to U8 years of age).

The house league will serve the remaining age groups, (U9 years of age to U18 years of age).

Any player from the house league can be recruited by the representative teams up to the last day allowed by the Scarborough Soccer Association.


a) The registrar shall handle all player registrations.

b) Players must be registered on the forms supplied by the CWSC.

c) Applications will be received from boys and girls Under 5 years of age to Under 18 years of age inclusive.

Birth certificates, passports, or any other document approved by the executive will be required as proof of age at the time of registration, and should accompany the registration form.

The player's Health Card number is also required.

d) Cash, or a cheque for the registration fee made payable to the Clairlea-Westview Soccer Club, shall accompany the application.

e) All players who have paid their registration fee, are entitled to receive one soccer shirt, one pair of shorts, and one pair of socks.

f) No player will be deemed registered or shall receive club equipment unless their application form and cheque is in the hands of the club registrar or the league convener.

g) For the U5/U6 age groups it is recommended that soccer boots SHOULD NOT be worn. A good pair of running shoes is sufficient.

h) Shin pads are required for all players in all age groups (CSA ruling).


a) The age groups will be comprised as follows :

b) The club executive has the authority to amend the mini soccer and house league age groups, as deemed necessary by the registration.

c) League schedules will be drawn up by the Scarborough Soccer League for the Representative division, and by the Club Executive for the Recreational division.



Representative teams will be selected from the best players in their age groups.

No recreational league player shall practice or play with representative teams unless:


Mini league teams are to be made up of a maximum of 12 players per team, with a maximum of 6 players on the field at any one time.

House league teams are to be made up of a maximum of 16 players per team, with a maximum of 11 players on the field at any one time.

Within each age division, the teams will be named after the sponsoring churches.

The Club Executive will use the previous seasons player assessment forms (where available) when selecting the teams, and will balance the teams as closely as possible from these ratings.

It is intended that the teams in each league should be evenly balanced, in order to promote fair competition.

If necessary, team balancing will be carried out by the club executive through the convener. Balancing will be kept to a minimum and will be done before July 1st.

The full cooperation of coaches, managers and players is expected.

No player can play outside his/her age group unless, in the opinion of the league executive, the player's skill level justifies a change.


a) Coaches and managers shall instill in all players the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. The desire to win should not over rule the objective of moulding the child's image in the concept of team work and comradeship.

b) Coaches and managers shall be responsible for the behaviour of their players both on and off the field of play. This includes discouraging criticism, disciplining bad language, and keeping the parks tidy.

c) Coaches and managers must stay on the touch line and must not interfere with the play or with any decision of the referee, (except that in the TYKE age group, one coach will be allowed on the field of play to instruct the players).

d) Coaches must play all players in each period of play, and for at least half of the game.

e) Coaches shall not display unsportsmanlike conduct, nor use profane language.

f) Coaches shall not willfully pull their team off the field of play. This shall result in the forfeit of the game, and the coach shall appear at a hearing before the club executive.

g) Coaches and managers are requested to advise all their players that games will not be automatically cancelled because of rain. Players should attend unless they receive a telephone call advising them that the game has been cancelled.

h) Coaches and managers shall return all soccer balls and any other club equipment to their convenor on field day.

i) If both the coach and the manager are unable to attend a game or practice, it is their responsibility to find a replacement to coach their team.

j) If possible the coach or manager should try to provide drinking water for the players at half-time.

k) All coaches, managers and players are governed by all club rules.

l) Beginning at the Under 9 age group, the coach shall nominate a player to be captain of the team prior to the start of the season.

m) Coaches and managers are responsible for ensuring that no spectator or parent encroaches within ten (10) feet of the goal area during the game. (No standing directly behind the goal).


a) The rules of soccer must be followed (see Appendix A) and all games shall be controlled by the referee.

b) The duration of all league games, shall be of two equal halves, as follows:

House League


House league games may be shortened by the convenor or referee if playing time is restricted by bad weather, darkness, or other unforseen circumstances. Both coaches must be consulted, but the decision rests with the convenor or referee.

If 2/3rds of the game has been played when the game is abandoned, the score stands. If less than 2/3rds, the game will be rescheduled.

c) The referee's decision will be final, and there shall be no appeal made to the referee, other than by the team captain.

d) A coach may only appeal a decision of the referee after the game, by making a formal application in writing to the club manager, requesting a hearing with the executive committee.

e) The teams shall be made up as follows:


A minimum of five (5) players per team are required for the game to commence. A team unable to field 5 players for a particular game within 15 minutes of the appointed kick-off time will forfeit two points to the opposing team, providing that the opposing team has a sufficient number of players to commence the game.

House League:

A minimum of seven (7) players per team are required for the game to commence. A team unable to field 7 players for a partiucular game within 15 minutes of the appointed kick-off time will forfeit two points to the opposing team, providing that the opposing team has a sufficient number of players to commence the game.

If there are a minimum number of players available at the appointed kick- off time, the game will start as scheduled.

f) Teams will play an equal number of players.

This means that if one team can only field the minimum number of players, the opposing team will also field the minimum number of players, even if it has a full team. However the team with a full compliment of players may substitute players in accordance with the rules.

When a player has been ordered off by the referee the team shall play a player short, except in the Tyke (U5/U6) division where the player may not take any further part in the game, but the team may replace the player with another player.

g) Players not present at the commencement of the game will be allowed to join their team providing they report to the coach and arrive prior to the begining of the second half of the game.

h) Games will normally be scheduled at one game per week per team. Games cancelled due to bad weather (at the discretion of the referee/convenor), will be held at a later date.

i) Any player who joins the league after the season is underway will be assigned to a team at the discretion of the league convenor.

j) The home team is the team listed in the first column of the game schedule.

The coach of the home team is responsible for supplying the game ball and the game sheet.

In the event that the convenor is not present at the end of the game, the home team coach shall telephone the result of the game to the convenor and shall forward the game sheet to the convenor at the first oportunity.

Both coaches shall enter the names and jersey numbers of their own players on the game sheet before each game, and shall hand the game sheet to the referee prior to the commencement of the game.

k) Substitutions shall only be made after informing the referee, and as follows:

Mini-Soccer has unlimited substitution at any stopage in the game.

House League teams can only substitute at goal kicks, re-starts (after a goal), corner kicks, or at the discretion of the referee.

l) League winners will be decided as follows:

m) Special rules for cup competitions, (Field Day), will be documented on the games schedule for the event, by the club executive.


a) Each team will be comprised of 14 to 16 players.

b) All representative coaches, managers, and players are subject to the Scarborough Soccer Association rules and regulations, and shall abide by the rules of the Clairlea-Westview Soccer Club.

c) Coaches are expected to play all players in both halves and for at least half of the game.

d) Players on the representative teams who have signed the official registration form of the Scarborough Soccer Association, shall not be released from their team without the consent and approval of the club executive.


The Executive committee of the club shall deal with all protests arising out of league and playoff games.

Game protests must be made in writing, and delivered to the General Manager...Mr.J.McPherson, 17, Medonte Ave., Scarborough, within 48 hours of the completion of the game.


a) The referee has the authority to enforce the rules of soccer and to give individual warnings to players and team officials.

A player or official may be cautioned (yellow card) if, in the opinion of the referee:

i) They persistently infringe the rules

ii) They show by word or action, dissent from any decision of the referee

iii) They are guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct

iv) They enter, re-enter or leave the field of play, after the start of the game, without the permission of the referee.

Two such warnings to a player or team official in any one game will result in eviction from that game plus a one game suspension.

A player or official shall be sent off immediately if the referee judges:

i) They are guilty of violent conduct or serious foul play

ii) They use foul or abusive language

iii) They persist in misconduct after receiving a caution

Continued similar conduct, after the eviction, by players or team officials, will be reported by the referee to the discipline committee and may result in disciplinary action, or suspension from the league.

b) The discipline committee consists of the General Manager or the Assistant General Manager and any other two members of the executive committee.