Competitive Teams

Clairlea-Westview is committed to providing an opportunity for the best players in the club to continue to develop their soccer skills and passion for the game through higher level competition. We provide two levels of competitive teams at most age groups - All Star and Representative.

All Star teams are drawn from the house league to play in a few tournaments throughout the summer, in addition to their house league play.

Representative teams play under the auspices of the Scarborough Soccer Association in leagues that include Rep teams from other clubs across Ontario, and do not include players from the house league.

Where numbers and the talent pool permit, we also have a few Select teams. Select soccer is a level played between All Star and Rep, and is usually used to prepare a team for Rep play in a subsequent season.

The Competitive Programme Convenor is David Hopper, who can be reached at 416-691-4027.

Team League Head Coach Phone
U11 Girls CESL Jim Peros 416-755-7645
U11 Boys CESL Pat Rumball 416-752-5671
U12 Girls CESL Bob Smith 416-285-4778
U12 Boys CSL Mike Varey 416-690-9255
U13 Girls CESL Mike Atkinson 416-466-8397
U13 Girls CGSL Bob Giles 416-444-7028
U14 Girls CGSL Bob Smith 416-285-4778
U14 Girls CGSL Mike Smith 416-690-3349
U14 Boys CSL Adam Crawford 416-261-8026
U14 Boys CSL Pat Rumball 416-752-5671
U15 Boys CSL Chris Grenn 416-261-9204
U17 Boys CSL Kevin MacDonald 416-265-2302
U18 Boys CSL David Hopper 416-691-4027

Because of the highly competitive nature of representative teams and the excellent calibre of play, the club usually establishes Select teams for a season or two in advance of registering them at the Representative level. We are careful not to discourage our players by placing them into situations beyond their capabilities. The Select program has proved to be an excellent interim measure. Select and Representative players are usually split into separate boys and girls teams where the number of players permits, unlike the house league.

Select teams often begin at the U9 level for both boys and girls, in preparation for the first season of Representative soccer at the U10 level.