Clairlea-Westview House League

The house league season runs from mid-May to mid-September, with Field Days scheduled for weekends in September. Teams will play one game and have one practice each week (Monday through Friday).

The club runs eleven different divisions, by age groups. In the interests of fair play, the club will make every effort to balance teams within each division. Players must play within their own age group and on the team to which they are assigned.

If the Club Executive feels that a player's skill level justifies a change in age group, then such a change may be made with the permission of both the player's parent or guardian and the Executive.

Age Group Convenor Phone Playing Days
2001 - U5 Lindsay Isaac 416-757-7151 Monday
Jennifer Evangelho 647-400- 8948
2000 - U6 Albert Crimi 416-759-6078 Tuesday
1999 - U7 Karen Shah 416-264-8413 Monday / Wednesday
1998 - U8 Nigel F 416-693-2764 Tuesday / Thursday
Catherine Schell 416-288-1671
1997 - U9 Ken Pettigrew 416-261-2891 Monday / Wednesday
1996 - U10 Jason Henry 416-699-0515 Tuesday / Thursday
Peter Turner 416-691-1805
1994-95 - U12 Brenda Winkler 416-751-2465 Tuesday / Thursday
1992-93 - U14 Irena Hopper 416-691-4027 Monday / Wednesday
1990-91 - U16 Joanne Jackson 416-751-7560 (after 6 pm) Tuesday / Thursday
1987-89 - U18 Jim Barnes 416-757-9023 Monday / Wednesday

Each player will receive a team uniform consisting of a jersey, shorts and socks. Players at all age groups must provide their own shin guards, which are mandatory, and which must be worn inside their socks. Players must provide their own soccer shoes. Proper soccer shoes are considered essential at the under seven and up age groups - both for improving a player's skills and increasing his or her enjoyment of the game.

Every player will be awarded a commemorative pin or a trophy after his or her last game. Players on teams that win the League competition over the course of the season, the Cup Tournament, or are finalists in the Cup Tournament will receive trophies.

And from each and every team, the player judged to have exhibited the most sportsmanlike behaviour over the course of the season will be awarded the Clairlea-Westview Sportsperson trophy.