Club Philosophy

At Clairlea-Westview, we are committed first and foremost to providing a quality house league for the boys and girls in our local neighbourhoods, and to doing so at affordable rates.

Providing a quality house league means a few things:

  • Team coaches are offered coaching clinics and encouraged to become certified through the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA).
  • Every referee has been trained in a sanctioned programme and received OSA certification. As our players get older, we encourage them to become referees and where possible, pay them to referee younger age groups.
  • Game fields are of the highest quality available to us, and properly lined.
We also offer competitive programmes, and we do so for one main reason: we believe that to best serve the children of the community, we should provide a home for the most talented players who will beneft from a calibre of play and additional instruction that exceeds the level of the house league. The house league is not regarded as the feeder system for the rep teams; rather, the rep teams are places into which some house league players will grow.

At Clairlea-Westview, our objective is to provide a complete range of soccer services to the children we serve. We don't believe soccer starts in the spring and ends in the fall. We also provide an indoor house league at Variety Village, open clinics on Friday nights throughout the off-season months, and we enter a few selected teams into rep-level indoor leagues.

The aims of the club are:

There's a growing trend at the Clairlea-Westview Soccer Club that demonstrates the strength of our approach and the health of the club: every year, more and more of our coaches and referees are former (or current!) club players.